About Us

You Get to Reshuffle the Deck!

Hi, I’m Ed “Thumper*” Thornton, co-founder of Mind to Motion Pilates Plus and the creator of Feet, Food, and Attitude

Our highly successful Mind to Motion studio is located in Sahuarita, Arizona, approximately 20 miles south of Tucson. Early on, we realized that we didn’t want to be “just another Pilates studio” and took our training and skills to another level–working with clients that weren’t just the apparently healthy, but, also, those with chronic issues and those that mainstream healthcare did not have the time or skill for.

I know because I was once one of those that had fallen into that “dark hole” beyond healthcare.

While on duty as a law enforcement officer, I suffered a severe neck injury that resulted in partial paralysis. After two successful surgeries through the hands of a gifted surgeon, I was given my mobility back, albeit very limited.

Because of my injury and subsequent risks that my employer did not want to assume, I was forced to take a medical retirement. I was about to enter the “dark hole” of healthcare—if there was not a readily available solution or a pill, you were out of luck. Better yet, you became invisible.

After the twelve physical therapy sessions that the insurance provided for me, I was released and basically told “you are on your own, good luck”. My body showed the effects of the injury and the surgeries, as did my mental outlook. Good luck with the good luck advice, I thought.

It was decision time. I was about to go to a place that’s all too familiar for far too many people. I was about to become a victim.

But instead, I chose my life change to become a challenge rather than a detriment. The training I endured as an athlete, my four years in the United States Air Force, my tenure in law enforcement, and my education in psychology at the University of Arizona was my core, but I realized all of this was still not enough to reach my goals.

Back to the U of A I went, but what I desired was not available—an education in therapy that continued where traditional physical therapy stopped. I was advised nothing like this existed. Why? I asked. Because, I was told, something like that wasn’t covered by insurance or government subsidy.

Really, and that’s a reason for something to not exist?

The fire had been lit but the embers were smoldering. It was time, I thought, to add more fuel and create an incredible flame. It was time to cash in some chips.

A wonderful friend who just happened to be a medical doctor at the U of A helped to create a non-medical internship for me. That was a start, for both my vocation and my physical transformation towards optimum health.

In 1990, I became involved in a training program at an exercise/rehab center where I became certified in personal training and proficient in cardiac and pulmonary rehab.

As a result, in 1995, I went on to manage a satellite facility for their business and began to understand that the present system of teaching movement and nutrition was not only far from being acceptable, but was downright wrong.

In 2004, along with my wife, Victoria and a friend, Karen Salvador, we started a new business, Mind to Motion (M2M), specializing in personalized exercise solutions. This, literally, was just the beginning for my march toward not only my goals, but the goals of others.

  • 2004, started M2M leasing space from the fitness center
  • 2005, we became certified in the Pilates method through the PhysicalMind Institute of New York
  • 2005, I graduated from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences
  • 2006, we moved to our own facility and broadened M2M, to Mind to Motion Pilates Plus—meaning, chronic illness and behavior became the focal point
  • I developed the “PreHab-ReHab” program that focuses on pending surgeries (mainly joint replacement). This was established and currently ongoing by networking with local and out of state surgeons
  • We established and maintain a very beneficial working relationship with various disease specialists
  • I developed and maintain my Pilates for Golf and Tennis Program
  • Presently, we enjoy coaching all of the above along with the excitement of bringing the teaching of Functional Medicine Coaching into the present and future.

However, I didn’t come this far to just come this far!

Functional medicine–the foundation for Feet, Food, and Attitude–is grounded in a system-based understanding of the way the body functions.

Prior thinking was that we are held hostage by our DNA…our family tree, if you will. But it turns out, that’s not true. The modern understanding of genetics has evolved to emphasize the role of “epigenetics–how genes are influenced by their environment.

Quite simply, their environment is…you!

The most important question for you to consider now is: How effectively am I using the means that control my medical future?

If you’re like most people, the answer is: not well. The answer may even be: not at all. That’s not your fault. It’s really the norm in our culture and society.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way for you and your family. It’s time to establish a new normal!

However, you need to care, If you don’t care about creating better health, a better life, more quality in your years, or a huge reduction in the likelihood of ever getting any serious illness–you should probably forget this website.

Now, let me over-simplify Feet, Food, and Attitude for you:

Feet–using your feet to put your body into motion (and keep it there)

Food–using your fork to feed yourself more wholesome foods; foods your body wants and needs.

Attitudecaring is not enough, people like to say “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” It’s an important first step, but it’s not enough. You also need a way, one that you can identify and consistently be able to follow.

You can reshuffle the genetic deck in your favor with healthful behaviors!

I see an incredible opportunity for all of us to simply have better lives: less sadness, less loss, less anguish, more years in life and more life in years. That potential inspires me every day!

*By the way, Thumper was a nickname given to me because of my constant dribbling of a basketball—everywhere (thump, thump,) and the punching of a speed bag (again, thump) in my earlier years. (Actually, it was just “Thump” until someone added the “er”)