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By on June 30, 2015

No One Wants Pain. And Once You Have It You Want To Get Rid Of It.

Has pain changed your life for the worse?

Has pain caused you to give up enjoyable things in your life?Pain

Odds are that it has or you wouldn’t be reading this…right?

Causes of Pain

Are you aware that there are a lot more causes of persistent pain than an “old injury” or “just getting older”? In fact, there are numerous causes of pain (acute or chronic) that you may or may not be aware of!

Sure things hurt. Life can hurt. But there are many myths and unnecessary fears about pain that even many healthcare professionals do not clearly understand.

Pain is normal. But it’s not normally received as such. In reality, it’s the most powerful protective device we have.

But pain is also unpredictable which can make us afraid of it. This fact alone makes it so important that we have knowledge and understanding of pain. The point is that pain depends on many different factors and it is the brain which decides whether something hurts or not, 100% of the time, with NO exceptions.

Getting Rid of Pain

You own your pain—medications don’t!

I know this for a fact. Many years ago, while in law enforcement, I suffered a broken neck while apprehending a homicide suspect and became partially paralyzed. Fortunately, with help from above and the hands of a gifted surgeon, I was able to gain my mobility back.

However, it wasn’t without a price…and that price was chronic pain. And I confess, there were days I wondered if it was worth it.

I had to make a decision: If I was to live, how was I going to live?

That’s exactly why we’re here—to really help you to understand pain…your pain.

Remember, when you really start to understand your pain is when you really learn how to manage your pain in an active way.

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