Quit Your Bitchin’ and Take an Inventory

By on December 16, 2017

Take a Minute and Think About Where You Live

Every week, every day, every hour, and every minute, we are inundated with people pissin’ and moanin’ about crap they have very little or no control over!

Everywhere you look it’s over us like a wet, smothering blanket–TV, newspapers, emails, social media, etc., etc., etc. It’s the Clinton’s, or Trump, or Russia, or whatever the news du jour happens to come up with.

It’s killing us, it’s a virus, but we can’t wait to get the remote or mouse and dive into the next dose of bullshit. It seems we would rather raise our blood pressure than our ass off the couch. We talk crap, eat crap, and don’t do crap, but blame it on our healthcare system because they don’t have that one pill that would cure it all. We shun taking responsibility for our own actions because, just maybe, that mirror we shy away from looking into has “fake news” also.

I’ve got something here I want you to read and think about. The following was written by Napoleon Hill is his masterpiece of a book, Think &Grow Rich in 1937:

To begin with, let us remember, all of us, that we live in a country where every law-abiding citizen enjoys freedom of thought and freedom of deed unequaled anywhere in the world. Most of us have never taken inventory of the advantages of this freedom. We have never compared our unlimited freedom with the curtailed freedom in other countries.

Here we have freedom of thought, freedom in the choice and enjoyment of education, freedom in religion, freedom in politics, freedom in the choice of a business, profession or occupation, freedom to accumulate and own all the property we can accumulate, freedom to choose our place of residence, freedom in marriage, freedom through equal opportunity to all races, freedom to travel from one state to another, freedom in our choice of foods, and freedom to aim for any station in life for which we have prepared ourselves, even the presidency of the United States.

What Mr. Hill pointed out 81 years ago has not changed. However, we must take it to another level to understand the full truth concerning these freedoms that so many talk about but so few understand. As great as it is and, as many privileges as it provides, it does not, and will not, bring wealth and health without effort.

Or as I like to say…”when you pray, move your feet”.


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